Revisiting Walney Wind Farm

Dec 18, 2017

C-bed marks the New Year by seeing Wind Innovation heading off to North-West England to immediately initiate the Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm project.

This new project includes 47 turbines located 14 km west of Walney Island off the coast of Cumbria in the Irish Sea. When this final round of the project is completed, the Walney Wind Farm composes more than 200 turbines.  

Marking 10 years of experience

C-bed is a world-wide pioneer in offshore accommodation since 2008, and the Irish Sea brings back positive memories for everyone at C-bed. Hence, seven years ago, from August 2010 until March 2011, C-bed took part in the first-round installation and commissioning of the Walney Wind Farm. At that time, it was our floating hotel Wind Ambition who took pride in becoming the temporary home for the offshore technicians.     

It’s great to see how our gained experience from forming part of all the major Northern Europe offshore wind projects throughout the past decade now contributes to completing new and more efficiently running projects.

All 21 project references are available here.  

Wake up and walk to work

By applying her purpose-built walk-to-work concept, Wind Innovation will make up an integral part of the entire installation setup. The walk-to-work concept directly connecting the vessel and the wind turbine foundation significantly reduces the need for applying crew transfer vessels and thus overall installation time for the operator.

The project is expected to conclude within 4-5 months and when fully commissioned, the wind farm provides electricity for 590,000 British homes every year.

Throughout the project period, Wind Innovation will be using Barrow as base port for crew change and loading of fresh supplies. 

Facts about Wind Innovation

You find the complete Wind Innovation specification sheet here  

Wind Innovation