Oil & Gas

Adding value to completion of upgrading and maintenance projects.

Oil & Gas

CBED provides accommodation solutions for rig upgrades, modification and maintenance campaigns for shorter or longer periods in port or offshore. Our floating hotel concept works as a fully self-supplying self-propelled vessel leaving the option of fast-established accommodation for up to 1000+ persons anywhere you desire.

We have a strong commitment to HSEQ and do our utmost to ensure that both client representatives and our own crew return home safe and sound following a demanding workday.

Experience from main production areas

If requested, we can provide combined solutions including crew transfer between the worksite and the hotel vessel either via traditional crew transfer vessels or via a heave compensated gangway system.

We hold extensive experience of running maritime operations in the main oil & gas production areas e.g. West Africa, Mexican Gulf, and the North Sea as our mother company is a leading global supplier of marine fuels and operate a global fleet of oil and chemical tankers.