Offshore wind

Offshore wind

CBED was established to fulfil the outspoken need for offshore hotel and project solutions in a growing offshore wind industry. In an industry that is highly sensitive to delays, such as those caused by weather conditions, the CBED concept instantly gained success. The short transfers and the ability to exploit even short weather windows represent a significant cost reduction for our clients.

Sharing the same goal

We care most about how smoothly we can run a project for you.  About minimising the risks and costs of wind farm installation and maintenance.  And about the end result of all our efforts: clean, green energy for today and for generations to come. We will share our know-how with you to determine the best solution, equipment and approach for a smooth-running project.

Fit for purpose permanent boat landings

As an example, all boat landings are designed for purpose by naval architects for boat transfers and built as permanent installations. The special arrangements are similar to wind turbine boat landings – by maintaining thrust up against the landing, safe transfers are easily carried out.

One special characteristic of an offshore wind farm is the multiple work sites that the technicians need access to. Here, CBED truly displays the benefits of a mobile offshore base camp servicing each individual turbine working sites.