New project and new look for CBED and Wind Innovation

Apr 08, 2021

Completing work on the Hornsea One offshore wind farm last month, CBED has now moved on to commence work on Hornsea Two for the second part of the double contract with Ørsted to support offshore wind developments in the UK.

Providing the daily logistics and accommodation for the Hornsea Two offshore workers becomes CBED’s 28th individual offshore project. 

The Hornsea Two project runs well into 2022. 

New look for CBED and Wind Innovation 
At Hornsea Two, Wind Innovation also reveals CBED’s new visual identity with a nine metre-high and 32-metre-long logo covering the entire freeboard on both sides.

Having been completely refurbished, Wind Innovation now has an orange deck and accommodation part emphasising the colour of safety at sea. 

Going forward, CBED emphasises the second-to-none "Offshore Experience" as first-mover in the offshore wind accommodation industry back in 2008. 

Offshore experience
In 2008, CBED became the world’s first shipowning company offering logistics and accommodation solutions to the offshore wind industry. 

From the Lynn & Inner Dowsing commissioning project in 2008, across projects in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and not least the UK and what will become the World’s largest offshore wind farm.  

Over the years, these extensive experiences have formed into the tailormade walk-to-work SOV, Wind Innovation. 

In the future CBED will continue to represent the highest quality in the industry and with the legacy of successful projects .

Learn more about the facilities on board Wind Innovation here. 

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