Coastal construction and mining sites

Applying a 4-star hotel solution in remote coastal areas? No problem.

Construction and Mining

We are specialised in providing fit-for-purpose accommodation solutions and we have the internal knowledge to find sustainable accommodation solution for all types of offshore projects alongside or near shore. Our floating hotel vessel concept is fully self-supplying leaving the option of fast-established accommodation for up to 500 persons anywhere you desire. Particularly in remote destinations with limited access to traditional hotel or other accommodation facilities, our pioneering concept is highly beneficial. In areas near shore or beach, CBED is the right partner to contact for establishing the optimal solution for challenging projects and or otherwise tough conditions.

Our concept includes an operational solution, including all deck/engine crew together with a high-standard hotel operation offering all catering, cleaning etc. We provide qualified and trained personnel meeting any standards and requirements of our clients.

On locations with limited access and infrastructure

The CBED accommodation concept can also be introduced on locations with limited access and infrastructure - or without port facilities.

If requested, we can provide combined solution including crew transfer between the worksite and the hotel vessel either via traditional crew transfer vessels or via a heave compensated gangway system.

We hold extensive experience of running a maritime operations in remote and hard-to-reach markets in e.g. West Africa, Mexican Gulf, and the North Sea as our mother company is a leading global supplier of marine fuels and operate a global fleet of oil and chemical tankers.